About Us

The Healthy Ontario Initiative is long-term umbrella initiative that aims to improve community health through collective impact.  It’s Mission is: 

To Empower the community of Ontario to take ownership of its health and to make Ontario a model for healthy communities by improving physical, social, environmental, and economic health and well-being

A Healthy Community includes education and job opportunities; safe and vibrant neighborhoods; healthy food choices; access to quality healthcare; and activities and programs to prevent and manage health conditions.  By working together to establish policies that directly influence social and economic conditions and those that support changes in individual behavior, we can improve health for large numbers of Ontario residents and workers in ways that can be sustained over time.  Improving conditions in which we live, learn, work, and play and strengthening partnerships will create a healthier population, society and workforce.

The Healthy Ontario Collaborative strives to improve access and bring resources and information to the community to support individual and community health.  The Healthy Ontario Collaborative is coordinated by the City of Ontario’s Planning Department and includes private organizations, non-profit partners, school districts and the community. The Collaborative understands that maintaining good health is easier when people are surrounded by healthy choices in their schools, workplaces and neighborhoods. We also recognize that building healthy surroundings for people is not something that can be led by one individual or organization alone, but requires a collective effort that must involve the whole community.

Our Collaborative represents a community-based approach to wellness that seeks to make changes at multiple levels in order to bring about improved health outcomes. We focus our efforts on four main areas:

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  1. Prevention & Wellness
  2.  Healthcare Access & Utilization
  3. Education & Life-Long Learning
  4. Safe & Complete Neighborhoods

For more information on the Healthy Ontario Initiative, please contact:

Karen Thompson, Associate Planner
Ontario Planning Department
Healthy Ontario Initiative
(909) 395-2459
[email protected]