City to host 30th Annual National Night Out

On August 2, the City will be participating in America’s Night Out Against Crime, the 30th annual public safety event invites residents to gather with first responders and other public service providers to promote crime prevention, public safety and neighborhood unity. Last year, our City was ranked among the top five cities in the nation for strong participation from more than 200 neighborhoods, including Neighborhood Watch groups, single family residential neighborhoods, apartments, condominiums, and other groups. This year, let’s try to rank Ontario as #1 for activities and participation.

On this day, Bon View Park and the Dorothy A. Quesada Community Center will host Party in the Park! from 5 PM to 8 PM. Come by and visit our Healthy Ontario booth and enjoy an evening filled with fun, food, and entertainment! Or you can team up with your neighbors and/or group to host your very own block party.

For more information, call 909-395-2939 or email [email protected]