Park-It Campaign

After receiving The Kaiser Permanente HEAL Zone grant, Healthy Ontario and our El Sol Promotoras have worked with the community to identify areas within the HEAL Zone in need of improvement to increase access to healthier choices for our residents. Through the community Park It Campaign, Healthy Ontario has made environmental changes and improvements to provide the community with safe opportunities to participate in  physical activity to improve health. For the past 7 years, we have made capital improvements in De Anza Park and Bon View Park that were selected with the help of the community. Some of the improvements include our Healing Walking Trails, shade structures, outdoor restroom improvements, outdoor fitness equipment in our parks, hydration stations in our health hubs, and free Zum Up! zumba classes and walking clubs. One of our most recent projects that was initiated by our community is the outdoor fitness rig at De Anza Park. Visit De Anza or Bon View Park today and get involved in one of the many free opportunities available to improve your health. Be healthy Ontario!

Healing Trails:

Bon View Park                                                                          De Anza Park


Bon View Park Bathroom Renovation: 

Before                                                                                          After







Fitness Equipment: 

Bon View Park                                                                       De Anza Park









Hydration Stations: 

Dorothy A. Quesada Community Center                            De Anza Community and Teen Center










Walking Club: 






De Anza Fitness Rig