It’s Spring!

U P D A T E S:

Edison Elementary Annual Color Run

Healthy Ontario participated in Edison Elementary’s Annual Color Run April 6th. It was a fun and successful event for both children and parents. Mayor Paul S. Leon, and City Council Member Debra Dorst-Porada attended the event to express their support for the community. Healthy Ontario was able to reach out to more members of the community and encouraged many to take advantage of our free programs throughout the City!

We also want to thank our El Sol Promotora Nora Beltran (Left) for inviting us to this awesome event.

U P C O M I N G  E V E N T S:

If you and your family like to celebrate Easter, join your community and visit your nearest Community Center and Health Hub to participate in one of the following events/parties!

  • Spring Carnival & Egg Hunt (Free)
    • Anthony Muñoz Community Center, 1240 W. Fourth Street, Ontario, CA 91762
    • Thursday, April 18, 2019
    • 4:00PM (Carnival) – 5:00PM (Egg Hunt)
  • Spring Easter Social (Free)
    • De Anza Community and Teen Center, 1405 S. Fern Avenue, Ontario, CA 91762
    • Thursday, April 18, 2019
    • 4:00PM – 5:30PM
H E A L T H: 

April is National Stress Awareness month! Not all stress is bad, but studies have shown that on-going stress can be the cause of many health problems. It is important to know and learn some strategies for coping with stress.

You can prevent or reduce stress by:

  • Planning ahead 
  • Deciding which tasks need to be done first
  • Preparing for stressful events

Some stress is hard to avoid. You can find ways to manage stress by:

  • Noticing when you feel stressed
  • Taking time to relax
  • Getting active and eating healthy
  • Talking to friends and family

What are the benefits of managing stress?

  • Sleep better
  • Control your weight
  • Get sick less often
  • Feel better faster when you do get sick
  • Have less neck and back pain
  • Be in a better mood
  • Get along better with family and friends

( You can find more information regarding how to manage stress at )

T R Y  I T:

April 22nd is Earth Day and Healthy Ontario encourages you to take action and help protect our planet. Here are some ways you can help and at the same time have fun and continue your daily physical activity.

  • Enjoy a day at the beach
    • To help protect our planet you and your family can take some time to clean the beach!
    • To maintain your daily exercise, you can take a walk, swim, ride a bicycle or do yoga at the beach!
  • Enjoy a hike
    • You can go to your nearest hiking trail or national forest to enjoy a hike with your family. While hiking, you can take some trash bags and gloves and pick up trash along the way!
  • A day at the park
    • You can also enjoy a day at the park with your family, and help clean your community park!
  • Reduce Plastic Consumption
    • Stop using disposable plastic bottles
    • Use your own reusable plastic cup and refill
    • Reuse plastic shopping bags
    • Use your own reusable shopping bag
    • Refuse plastic straws
    • Always remember to recycle