Carefair 2019

The Hope Center aims to encourage communities to live a healthy and active lifestyle.  Please join them for a  community event on March 30, 2019 where free medical services will be provided.

Some of their services include:

  • Medical consultation
  • Dental services
  • Vision services
  • Chiropractic services
  • Blood pressure and glucose screening
  • Mammograms
  • And more

Date: March 30,2019

Time: 10:00AM-4:00AM

Location: 11255 Central Ave, Ontario CA 91762  

There will also be Farmers Market, information booths, games, food, and games!

Mental Health Awareness

What is Mental Health? 

Physical activity is important, but we also want to make sure you are living a stress-free, happy life. Mental Health is your emotional, psychological and social well-being. Some things affecting your mental health include poor nutrition, lack of exercise, or lack of sleep.

  • 1 in 5 adults experience a mental health issue
  • 1 in 10 children and young adults experience depression
  • 1 in 25 americans live with serious mental illness such as depression and bipolar disorder

Common warning signs: 

  • Avoiding friends and social activities
  • Prolonged feelings of irritability or anger
  •  Feeling excessively sad or low

For more information about sleep, nutrition and exercise visit: Mental Health America:

Other Resources: San Bernardino County Department of Behavioral Health