Active Transportation

Active transportation focuses on policies and systems that can improve the public’s health. Communities and transportation systems often prioritize vehicles and neglect to implement systems that facilitate other forms of transportation such as walking, cycling, skating, and access to wheelchairs. Everyone engages in active transportation at some point in their day, whether walking or cycling to a bus stop, school, local store, and even walking your dog. Investing in policies and improvements or implementation of non-vehicular transportation systems can result in numerous benefits for the community.

Studies have shown that active transportation policies and systems can help improve physical and mental health, reduce negative environmental effects, safety and increase social interaction.


  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and traffic congestion
  • Provide more physical activity opportunities
  • Increase safety; improved lighting, complete sidewalks, safer crosswalks


The City of Ontario is currently working on an Active Transportation Master Plan aimed at improving pedestrian, bicycle and transit-related safety, accessibility, and connectivity. The goal is to engage the residents and participate in community events and meetings to provide input, and help identify safety concerns.

For more information on how you can get involved visit our Active Transportation web page → Get Around Ontario

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