The BUILD Health Challenge

BUILDHealth_logoIn 2015, The BUILD Health Challenge awarded eleven planning and seven implementation grants across the nation. The Build Health Challenge is funded by The Advisory Board Company, the Colorado Health Foundation, the de Beaumont Foundation, The Kresge Foundation, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The Healthy Ontario Initiative (HOI) was selected as one of seven BUILD implementation grants and receives funding and technical assistance to stimulate and support innovative partnerships between hospitals, public health, and communities for improved health outcomes in low-income neighborhoods. The partnering health systems on each implementation award have also committed a 1:1 match with financial and in-kind support to advance the partnership’s goals.

HOI’s BUILD project focuses on a 1.3 mile radius within the City of Ontario where community partners are working collectively to minimize obesity and obesity-related health conditions through a “Health Hub” approach. The BUILD health hubs include two City parks with community centers, two family health centers, a community garden, and three places of worship.

Other BUILD project objectives include:

  • Improving the type of fresh food through a locally grown produce distribution model;
  • Implementing systems and policies to promote farm to table partnerships between local growers and restaurants who want to incorporate a variety of healthy options; and
  • Creating health literacy programs in collaboration with San Antonio Regional Hospital, OMSD, the Department of Public Health and Community Health Workers

Lead Agency: Partners for Better Health

Partner Agencies: City of Ontario, San Antonio Regional Hospital, San Bernardino County Department of Public Health,  El Sol, Ontario-Montclair School District, Huerta del Valle Community Garden