On March 19, 2016, Kaiser Permanente awarded the City of Ontario and the Healthy Ontario Initiative an additional $1 million to expand and strengthen their existing HEAL (Healthy Eating, Active Living) interventions in the Ontario HEAL Zone for another three years, Phase 2. Kaiser Permanente’s HEAL Zone Initiative is designed to increase opportunities for healthy behavior

The Healthy Ontario Collaborative strives to improve access and bring resources and information to the community to support individual and community health. The Healthy Ontario Collaborative is coordinated by the City’s Planning Department and includes private organizations, non-profit partners, school districts, and the community. For more than four years, the Healthy Ontario Collaborative has implemented community-based strategies in the HEAL Zone neighborhood, schools, parks, community centers, faith institutions and health clinics to improve policies and practices related to healthy eating and physical activity. Over the next three years, the Healthy Ontario Collaborative will continue to partner with the community to increase healthy lifestyle opportunities, relationships and referrals between clinics and community resources, and also enhance existing facilities at two HEAL Zone parks.

The vision of the HEAL Zone Initiative is to measurably transform the community at the end of a three year period. The goal is to increase opportunities for engaging in healthy behaviors as part of an everyday lifestyle, such as walking and biking on safe routes, purchasing and consuming fresh fruits and vegetables close to home, exercising in parks, and participating in after-school activities.

Mayor Paul S. Leon said “Thank you to Kaiser Permanente for funding our Healthy Ontario HEAL Zone Initiative. The secret to our success is that we have expanded and built upon the rich community assets in our HEAL Zone and have sustained committed partnerships that make Ontario a model for healthy communities.

“We are excited to receive the Phase 2 HEAL Zone grant from Kaiser Permanente. This is a wonderful program that continues to build awareness of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and increase usage of the City’s many healthy lifestyle assets,” said Mayor pro Tem Debra Dorst‑Porada

For more information regarding the HEAL Zone Initiative or Healthy Ontario, please visit or contact Karen Thompson, Associate Planner at (909) 395-2459.