Big Changes

Healthy Ontario wants to congratulate Rosario Santillan for her successful life changes. 

Rosario was recognized by Kaiser Permanente, a long time Healthy Ontario partner.

Through our Healthy Ontario Initiative, Ontario has worked with different partners to provide residents with healthier choices and opportunities. Rosario is one of our community members who took the opportunity to improve her health. After suffering from an accident that made exercising challenging, Rosario began to gain weight, and was at high risk of getting diabetes. She took charge and began to attend one of our free Zumba classes offered at one of our Health Hubs. After attending, she saw positive changes in her life. Rosario has lost over 67 pounds, has normal blood pressure and has created many friends in the community. She became a resident leader and now helps others in the community to be and stay healthy.

Congratulations Rosario for your success in making healthy lifestyle changes!

Please read more about Rosario Santillan’s story and our Initiative: Small Steps Lead to Big Change

Last Modified on June 15, 2018
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